Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Miss Puerto Rico Ingrid Rivera: Another betting favorite in Miss Universe 2008

Miss Puerto Rico Ingrid Rivera is the second favorite after Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza in the upcoming Miss Universe 2008. The odd for Miss Puerto Rico is $750 for every $100. Ingrid Rivera is engaged in lots of community welfare projects. She feels proud when she can channel her efforts with others to make the society better. In her home country, she is known for her engagement in welfare activities. It is a huge responsibility and the biggest reward is not recognition but the gratitude of the person for whom you work. If necessary she can even work with vagrants.

Miss Ingrid Rivera remained an active member in the fundraising for Hogar El Consuelo and for El Hogar Ruth. She even participated and contributed in the auction and fundraising for Salvation Army. Miss Rivera also works with an organization named, Walgreens, in a project ‘Inner Beauty for the Community.’ Through this project, they recognize the efforts made by responsible committed individuals and promote it in 78 municipalities in Puerto Rico.

One of her most unique experience was playing a homeless person in a movie. For her character, she had to change everything; her nails, eyebrows, clothing, shoes, make-up and even the places she used to visit. It was a very challenging work and Ingrid learned a lot.

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