Sunday, July 27, 2008

Timbaland is planning to release Shock Value 2 with Madonna, Rihanna and others

Famous singer, rapper, and record producer Timbaland is planning to release a sequel of his 2007 hit album Shock Value. Titled Shock Value 2, already he recorded few songs for the album but no release dates has been fixed yet. However, Timbaland told MTV that he is not going to include same people in his album. MTV reports:

"It be hot for the world," he boasted of the 2007 album. "I really do focus groups. I get reports, readouts. I'm not gonna talk about it. If you ask for documentation, I got it. I'm a businessman and at the same time a CEO. But I looked at the charts: I went platinum in 16 different countries. Africa? Double platinum. Ireland? Double platinum. New Zealand? Triple platinum. London? Platinum. London is the hardest place to go platinum. France? Platinum. They don't like nobody unless you French, but they like me."

Timbaland said that he did a song with Madonna which he did not put on her album. He saved it for himself. In this album he is planning to work with ten artists including: Beyoncé, Jordin Sparks, Rihanna, Jonas Brothers and Madonna.

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