Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Courtney Love sued by London & Co. over failing to pay its share of her money

Courtney Michelle Love, popularly known as Courtney Love, has been sued by a management firm London & Co. for failing to pay its share. Love partially sold her share of the the Nirvana publishing catalogue. A golden globe nominated actress, singer and wife of Nirvana vocal, Kurt Cobain, Love, sold a portion of the catalogue at $ 19.5 million last year.

London & Co., a business management and accounting firm, filed the case in Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday. London & Co. was hired to provide business management services to Love and was supposed to be paid 5% of the revenues received by Love. Now, the firm is demanding $975,000 plus costs of the suit.

The firm said that Courtney Love made an oral agreement. However, it could not be determined when the deal went down. The news reporters could not contact with Courtney Love’s representative. Love’s attorney, Howard Weitzman, said that the he was aware that there is a problem going on between Londo & Co. and Courtney Love but he had not seen the lawsuit.

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