Sunday, July 13, 2008

Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza is Winner of Miss Universe 2008

Yes, Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza has earned the crown of Miss Universe 2008. Let me first give you the list of top 5:

4th Runner Up: Miss Mexico

3rd Runner Up: Russia

2nd Runner Up: Dominican Republic

1st Runner Up: Colombia

Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza: Miss Universe 2008

It was one of the best and fiercely contested competions in the history of Miss Universe. Dayana Mendoza is a beautiful and smart girl. She was also the top favorite before the start of the event. Miss Universe 2008 perhaps produced a surprise winner in the end. You know that last year, Rio Mori of Japan won the crown and even Miss Korea Honey Lee was in the third position. Asian girls performed impressively. So, many people expected that Asian contestants would do well because this time, Miss Universe 2008 took place in Vietnam, an Asian country. Well, in the top 15, there were just two Asians- Miss Japan and Miss Vietnam. They got out in the top ten. However, it was the time of the South American girls and Miss Venezuela did the magic in the end.

The first round of Miss Universe 2008 was swim suit round. Dayana Mendoza looked very hot there. Contestants of Japan, Vietnam, Hungary, South Africa and Czech Republic got out in this round. Then, it was the time of evening gown and another 5 contestants got out. Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Russia. In the question answer session, none of the girls looked that much impressive as they were not so confident in speaking in English. I was surprised to see that it was all South America in the top 5 except Miss Russia.

One of the major attractions of the evening was the presenting of anchors Jerry Springer and Spice girl. They were smart and attractive. Because of their good skill, the two hours did not become boring. In the final event of Miss Universe 2008, there were glimpses of tourist attractions of Vietnam. Dayana Mendoza looked beautiful in Vietnam.

For Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza, it was a dream come true. Who does not want to be Miss Universe? She will get a lot of money and other facilities. Dayana Mendoza will also enjoy maximum coverage thanks to Miss Universe organizers for the next one year.


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