Friday, July 11, 2008

Sinem Sulun is Miss Turkey Universe 2008

Sinem Sulun is just 19 years old and she is very beautiful. You know that Turkey is in the crossroads of both Asia and Europe. Sinem Sulun has got the prettiness of both these continents. I mean that if you look at her then you can say that she has an Asian face and an European face. Well, I think that she has more eastern face.

Sinem Sulun has the support of many people of Turkey. She wants to be a designer someday. Well, very little is known about her. Her height is 1.73 meter. I love her hair which is tall and beautiful. She has also a good sense of design and clothing. I think that she looks more beautiful with a long dress rather than in bikini.

What do you think of Sinem Sulun? Does she have what it takes to win?

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