Friday, July 11, 2008

Lisa Lazarus is Miss UK Universe 2008

Lisa Lazarus is the representative of the UK in Miss Universe 2008. Lisa Lazarus is not a famous girl even in UK. I am shocked for this matter. There is no Wikipedia entry on her. Even, I had a tough time to find information in Google. Anyway, Lisa Lazarus is 20 years old and she is an ambitious girl. She is studying in Hertfordshire University. Her height is 5”10- a decent height for Miss Universe contestants. There is a long interview of her in the official website of Miss Universe and I am giving a part of it:

What is your career ambition?

I am a very ambitious person, but I believe that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. My current ambition is to complete my University degree, then I will always have that to fall back on. Later I would like to further my career and specialise in working with cancer patients. I am particularly interested in the development of x-ray machines and radiation, and would like to further my knowledge by doing my Masters degree. I want to own the 'Make you Blush' trade mark and organise the UK's biggest charity events and Catwalks.

It is clear that she has a lot of dreams. Hwoevr, I really strongly recommend her to open a personal website or blog. Lisa Lazarus should focus more on public relations and media coverage.

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