Friday, July 11, 2008

Miss Slovak Republic Sandra Manakova in Miss Universe 2008

By winning the crown of Miss Universe Slovak Republic 2008, Sandra Manakova has got the ticket of Miss Universe 2008 competition where she is representing her own country. With brown hair and green eyes, Sandra Manakova looks attractive. Her height is 5'11". People of Slovak Republic are eagerly waiting to see the performance of their home girl in Miss Universe 2008 beauty pageant.

Like many other contestants, Sandra Manakova also wants to build a career in modeling after finishing university. She admits that she is a goal oriented girl who also has some goals to achive ahead of her. To her, seeking goal helps her in achieving success. The 20-year old Slovak beauty also wants to learn several languages including English, Russian and Italian. Graduation from high school and winning the second place in the EML Slovakia competition are the best personal accomplishment for Miss Slovak Republic Sandra Manakova. Now, let us see how Sandra Manakova performs in Miss Universe 2008.

Interview of Sandra Manakova in Miss Universe official website.

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