Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In The Dark Knight Christian Bale enjoyed standing on roof of Sears Tower

Today, Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight, has been released in Australia. Once again, Christian Bale takes up the black suit and goes into fighting crime. In 2005, when Bale first time appeared in the Batman movie, it was tough for him because he had to learn fighting and most importantly he had to gain weight for his character of Batman. The biggest problem of was the bat suit. It was very uncomfortable. This time was different. Bale himself appeared in many of the stunt sequences in the film. This time, the suit of the Batman was also changed from rubber to urethane. He mentally felt very comfortable. The most dangerous stunt for him was standing on the roof of Sears Tower. In his interview Bale said that he did not consider it as an stunt but it was an enjoyable experience for him. Bale says:

"There are opportunities that I'm presented with because of what I do which I'm not going to pass up, and that was one of them. And it was very surprising to me, actually, how comfortable I felt up there."

Today, The Dark Knight has been released in Australia. After two days, it will be released in the USA.

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