Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Will Smith and Jarden Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness

No matter what people say, how good the story is, The Pursuit of Happyness could never do without the father-son duo, Will Smith and Jarden Smith. They truly make it a great movie. Will Smith is known for his roles in action movies like Men in Black, Wild Wild West, Independence Day, I Robot, and last but not the least, Hancock. The Pursuit of Happyness utilizes his acting capabilities and is a proof that along with mainstream commercial movies, Will Smith can play other types of roles. His depiction of Christopher Gardner makes up the soul of the movie. There is nothing special about the story but how it is played on the screen. Both Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith are worthy of praise for their performances. Jarden Smith has proven that he has got acting genes from his parents. At a tender age, he was very easy in front of the camera. The on-screen father and son bond will make you cry for sure. The most touching scene is the one where Christopher Gardner (Will Smith) and his son Gardner Jr. (Jarden Smith) are sitting together on a subway-station bench and he tells his son that the box he is carrying actually contains a time machine. Together they press the switch and go back to the pre-historic era and then, they run for shelter in a cave which is actually a public restroom. Jarden than falls asleep on the floor, over toilet papers, his head on Will’s lap, and Will holding the door and tears rolling down from his eyes. It is truly an emotional scene. Hats off to Will Smith and Jarden Smith.

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