Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lynn Kelly is Miss Universe Ireland

Lynn Kelly is an ordinary sounding name. I guess that you can get this kind of name a lot in Ireland. She is Ireland’s representative in Miss Universe 2008. She is 20 years old and comes from Dublin. Instead of talking about her height, eyes or hair, let me tell you something else about Lynn Kelly. When we think of western boys and girls we feel that they don’t care for their families. Lynn Kelly is surely an exception to this matter. She helped her grandmother a lot to fight against cancer.

Herald wrote:

WATCHING her granddaughter Lynn Kelly (20) win the Miss Universe Ireland contest was the icing on the cake for Anne Kelly (63) -- who is enjoying her second year after getting the all-clear in her battle against breast cancer.

A proud-Dublin grandmother of 10, Anne says that her grand-daughter has the whole package required to take on the competition in the upcoming world final in Vietnam.

"Lynn is the second eldest grandchild and she's a great girl. She's a very level-head on her shoulders and she's well able to hold her own," she said.

So, you see that Lynn Kelly is indeed an special woman and she has done something outstanding in her life. Lynn Kelly supppotered her grandmother all the way and even loved with her grandmother to fight against cancer. All the best to Lynn Kelly from us.

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