Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lindsay Lohan finishes shooting Labor Pains

It looks like Lindsay Lohan has become serious again about her career. She just finished shooting her upcoming movie, Labor Pains. One of the co-stars of Lindsay Lohan, Jay Thomas, praised her highly for her performance in the movie. He said that twenty two year old Lindsay Lohan ‘could not have been any better to work with.’ Thomas said that Lindsay Lohan is perfect and she is really a good actress.

However, Lindsay Lohan is always news. Even there is no news about her, there has to be rumors. Wherever she goes, the paparazzi follow her and her manager has to handle them.

"Her manager would go out to the paparazzi," Thomas remembers. "It was like the Balkan Wars. It was the Serbs and the Bosnians, and every now and then, they would meet under the white flag. And the manager would say, 'OK, We're going to tell you when she's going to come out, but only take pictures while she walks across the street, and don't take a picture of her when she's smoking.'

No surprise, but the overzealous shutterbugs took plenty of shots of Lohan puffin' away.

Labor Pains is a movie about a woman who pretends to be pregnant in order to avoid retain her job. After her friends and family comes to know about her pregnancy, everyone gives her special treatment. She then tries to keep up with the lie for nine months.

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