Friday, July 11, 2008

Miss Russia Vera Krasova in Miss Universe 2008

In her interview at the official website of Miss Universe, Miss Russia Vera Krasova says that she is very ambitious. So, it is pretty much sure that the Russian beauty has some high ambition around Miss Universe 2008 beauty pageant. At 20, she is currently trying to decide over her future career. With the height of 5'10" and brown hair as well as eyes of hazel color, Vera Krasova has a good look.

Vera Krasova says that she always tries to be independent and she has been helping her parents singe 16 and she had work experience while at college. She also worked as waitress in her teen. Miss Russia Vera Krasova considers it a prestigious thing to be able to participate in Miss Universe 2008 beauty pageant representing her country. She seems to be adamant while declaring that she will try her best to prove that the Russian girls are most beautiful in the world.

Interview of Miss Russia Vera Krasova.

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