Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dark Knight star Christian Bale arrested for assaulting his mother and sister

Christian Bale, the famous Batman in ‘The Dark Knight’ has been accused of assault by her sixty one year old mother, Jenny Bale and forty one old sister, Sharon. However, neither Bale, nor his wife, mother, and sister gave out any details of what happened. So far, this has been related to a long time family problem.

The event took place on July 20th at the Dorchester Hotel in London, one day before the London premiere of The Dark Knight. Bale was arrested on July 22nd , after his mother and daughter filed charges against him at the Belgravia police station. Bale left the back of the police station in a silver Mercedes. Bale told the police his side of the story and the police described it as a minor assault. He was bailed till September and was allowed to fly back to his home.

Bale attended the premiere of The Dark Knight on Monday night with Rachel Dawes and Sir Michael Cane. He even made a promotional appearance at the GMTV Monday morning show hours after the assault. According to spectators, the actor was in his usual serious mood in the show and looked just fine.

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