Friday, July 18, 2008

Blades of Glory: Some funny facts

Blades of Glory is a movie about ice skating. Ice Skating is quite popular in Western countries. Here are some interesting facts about the movie:

  • For the movie, both Will Ferrell and Jon Heder had to learn ice skating. They trained with Sarah Kawahara.
  • The iron lotus move was actually poking fun at the movie, The Cutting Edge. In The Cutting Edge, Kate Moseley’s coach, Anton Pamchenko, introduces this move. In reality, it is impossible to perform.
  • The ‘life time ban’ thing was related to American Figure skater, Tonya Maxine Harding.
  • Some of the real skaters to appear in the movie are: Sasha Cohen, Scott Hamilton, Peggy Fleming, Brian Boitano, Dorothy Hamill, Nancy Kerrigan, Kyoko Ina, Yuka Sato, Jamie Sale, and David Pelletier.
  • Stranz and Fairchild planning to injure Chazz was inspired by Tonya harding’s attack on Nancy Kerrigan.
  • In the movie we see that, Chazz was injured while skating. In reality, it was Jon Heder. He broke his ankle during the training.
  • All of the scenes of the World Figure Skating Championships in Blades of Glory were shot at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.
  • The lifts performed by Chazz and Jimmy are dance lifts.
  • The peacock costume you saw Jon Heder was wearing was actually his idea after he saw skater Johnny Weir.
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