Friday, July 11, 2008

Miss Paraguay Giannina Ruffinelli wants to help children using her Miss Universe 2008 title

Miss Paraguay:
Name: Miss Giannina Ruffinelli
Hometown: Asuncion
Age: 22 years old
Size: 170cm
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
A sophomore in psychology, Giannina enjoys designing and making dresses. She wants to specialize in Forensic Psychology. After finishing her study she wants to set up her own clinic and help poor people. With Miss Paraguay beauty title she wants to help the children suffering from AIDS and Cancer. A simple and humble person, Giannina is dedicated to her family and friends. Giannina has a strong personality which she believes makes her appear as a charismatic person. Being selected as the beauty queen of Lugue, her home town was a unique experience for her. She represented her community in 2001. Achieving all her personal goals by dint of her own efforts, and sacrifices is her major accomplishment.

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