Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor: Maria Bello's first action movie

Maria Bello is the new Evelyn in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. In the first two installments of The Mummy, Rachel Weisz played Evelyn Carnahan. Though known for playing dramatic roles, Maria enjoyed very much working in The Mummy franchise. Even Universal was not ready to take her in the first place but she ended up playing the other half of adventurer Rick O’Connell. In an interview she talks about her experience in the movie.

IESB: Yeah, exactly. This is not the kind of film, though, that one would expect somebody to actually offer you, given your track record. Did you have to prove to the studio and to Rob that you could do this? That you could pull this off?

MB: Do you know – do you know, Rob had a thing – had an idea in the beginning that he wanted me to do this movie. He wanted an American sensibility to it, and an older sort of sophistication. And he really wanted me to do this movie. ……………..

To prepare for her role in the movie, Maria had to do some physical training. While shooting the movie, she worked on wires but she enjoyed it very much. Maria felt like Peter Pan. She was quite easy with the shooting action sequences. Since her childhood, she wanted to become an action star where women do all the shooting and fighting. She got the offer for Mummy a month before her 40th birthday. To read more of the interview visit the following link:

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