Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Heath Ledger's family is happy with his performance in The Dark Knight

On July 14th, the premier of The Dark Night was held at New York. Along with all the major casts, late actor, Heath Ledger’s family also attended the premier. After watching the movie, family members expressed their satisfaction with Heath’s performance. Heath Ledger’s father, Kim Ledger, said that The Dark Knight was everything they had hoped it would be and more. He also said that his son loved the experience of creating this character and working on the movie. Heath’s mother, Sally Bell and her husband, Heath’s older sister, Kate, came from Australia to join the premiere. The audience broke into cheers when Ledger’s name appeared in the credit.

Born on April 4 1979, Heath Ledger died at the age of 28 in his Manhattan apartment in January. Report came out that his death was caused from an accidental overdose of prescribed medications. A talented actor, Ledger appeared in many commercially successful movies. In 2005, he received nomination for Academy Award for portraying the character of a homosexual cowboy, Ennis del Mar, in Brokeback Mountain. Film critics everywhere, praised Heath’s performance as Joker in The Dark Knight and agreed that he deserves another shot at the Oscar.

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