Friday, July 11, 2008

Miss Universe 2008: Miss Spain Claudia Moro is a hot Favorite

Claudia Moro has perhaps ever tying. She is a very beautiful girl and has a model like face. Claudia Moro is 22 years old and she is a student. Her height is 1.80 meter. She wants to be a lawyer. You know that in the profession of law, you have to be very sharp with ready wit and speaking. Well, Miss Universe 2008 will be a test for this skill for this Spanish beauty. I am giving you a part of her interview in the official website of Miss Universe 2008:

What do you want the judges to know about you?

That I am very happy and very proud of being one of the contestants of Miss Universe, and I want to do my best because it is a unique opportunity in my life to learn new things, to know different people and, why not, to win Miss Universe 2008 Pageant.

According to some betting sites, Claudia Moro is a hot favorite in Miss Universe 2008:

Spain won Miss Universe only once in 1974. and it is since 1990, when Norway last won, that the Crown has been residing outside of Europe. A drought Spanish beauty Claudia Moro is believed to be able to end.

Spanish bettors optimistic view of her chances to be crowned Miss Universe are mirrored in the growing number of bets being placed on her odds to win the beauty pageant.

Well, 2008 is the year of Spain. Just 2 weeks ago, Spain won the championship of Euro 2008 football competition. Fabregas of Arsenal played very for Spain in Euro 2008. Now, perhaps it is the time of Miss Spain Claudia Moro to make her country very proud.

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