Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christian Bale assaulted his mother and sister for passing offensive comments on his wife

News reports are saying that Christian Bale assaulted his mother and sister because they insulted his wife. British newspaper, Daily Male, reported that on 20th July, at the Dorchester hotel in London, the actor’s sixty one year old mother passed offensive comments about the actor’s wife Sibi, a former model. The Sun reported that Bale “pushed and shoved” her sister during an argument. His sister was asking for money but the actor refused to give her. Chicago Sun Times reports:

Bale reluctantly agreed to meet with his mother and sister Sunday at London's Dorchester Hotel -- before the European premiere of "The Dark Knight'' -- but things rapidly went downhill when the "Batman'' star realized they were there to hit him up for money.

Since the separation of his parents, Christian Bale has been living with his father. It is said that his mother and sister was expecting financial assistance from their son. This started a nasty argument and turned into assault.

As an actor Bale is also short tempered but his anger is related to business and shooting. It is nothing personal.

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Pat R said...

Bale seems too composed and in-control of himself to ever physically go after anyone... sounds like one or the other of the women might do whatever it takes to get some extra coin