Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hungary’s Jazmin Dammak in Miss Universe 2008

You will find a smiling face in Miss Hungary Jazmin Dammak’s interview page in the official website of Miss Universe 2008. With her brownish hair and greenish eyes, the 24-year old brunette looks impressive. Her height is 5'8". Jazmin Dammak is currently working as model. Besides modeling, she is also attending university and wants to try her luck in acting. In fact, she already acted in the movie titled "Underworld" as a vampire, which she thinks as her best personal achievement.

Miss Hungary Jazmin Dammak also finds spiritual things interesting. Coming from Budapest, the capital city of her country, she is an adventurous girl and likes to explore new things and never feels fear while taking challenges. Jazmin Dammak also loves to know herself through the things what she possesses.

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