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Twenty three year old Szilvia Freire is going to rock Miss World 2008

Miss Hungary 2008

Here is another flawless beauty with a beautiful face, who remains cheerful all the time. Twenty three year old Szilvia Freire has a very attractive figure. Once you set your eyes on her, you can never forget her. Szilvia’s fellow winner, Jazmin Dammak, made it to the semi-finals of Miss Universe 2008 and took everyone by surprise.

A lover of nature and beautiful landscapes, Szilvia, is a diverse and open minded person. She is social and sympathetic by nature. She needs people’s company and attention. Due to her cheerful nature, she can easily connect with other people. Her experience of living in different places since childhood helped her to gain positive attitude, tolerance and patience. Szilvia always learns from her failures and try to achieve her goals. She is not afraid of negative criticisms.

Name: Miss Szilvia Freire.

Age: 23

Height: 174 centimeters

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Languages: Szilvia can fluently speak Hungarian, English, Portuguese, and a little bit of French.

Hometown, childhood and family: Silvia is of mixed heritage. She was born in Budapest to an African father and Hungarian mother. Her paternal grandparents are Portuguese living in Mozambique.

She then moved to Maputo, Mozambique and stayed there till she was nine years old. She then returned to Budapest with her mother. Currently, she is living alone in Budapest but she regularly talks to her mother, step father, her two sisters and grandparents.

Education: Szilvia likes to study. She received her first college diploma as an economist at the age of twenty. For her research thesis, she received one of the best grades in Hungary. She then graduated as an economist and now studying communication.

Favorite sports and outdoor activities: Szilvia loves to work out in the gym and traveling. Everyday she participates in sports activity. Szilvia has great respects for the people of other cultures. Hence, she like to travel.

Hobbies, leisure activities and other interests: Szilvia loves drawing and painting. African savannas and its animals are her favorite subject for painting. Szilvia enjoys listening to R&B and hip hop music, cooking, and playing ‘Texas hold’em’ poker. Szilvia also loves animals very much.

Motto: "Venture the impossible to reach the possible". (Hermann Hesse)

Fashion and beauty secrets: Szilvia puts a lot of emphasis on healthy lifestyle, which can protect both appearance and soul. She pays attention to her meals, does training and sports. Every day, she drinks 2-3 liters of water and takes vitamin C.

Anne Katrin Walter dreams to become Miss World 2008

Miss Germany 2008

The first thing you will notice about Anne Katrin Walter is her beautiful expressive eyes (Don't know whether she wear contacts or not). She is a very beautiful woman and would get a lot of support in Miss World 2008. A part time model, Anne is very serious about her studies. Currently, Anne lives in a small city. It was a painful day for Anne, when she had to leave her parents’ home to go to college. She lives in a small city that does not have any night life. One would have to drive for couple of hours to get the test of night life but Anne does not go out much. Anne Katrin Walter believes that in the three segments of Miss World, she has a good chance in the interview session.

Name: Anne Katrin Walter

Age: 21

Height: 172 centimeters

Languages: Anne Katrin can speak German, English and French.

Hometown, childhood and family: Anne Katrin was born in the city of Kiel, in Northern Germany and grew up in Spreewald, a biosphere reserve, famous for its market gardens and preserved vegetables.

Education: Anne Katrin just started her studies in the field of medicine.

Future plan: Anne Katrin wants to become a doctor.

Modeling career: Anne is a part time model.

Motto: "Aim for the stars but keep your feet on the ground."

Favorite three songs in her i-Pod:

- 4 Minutes;

- The Greatest Love of All;

- Dangerous.

Favorite sports and outdoor activities: Anne Katrin loves to travel.

Hobbies, leisure activities and other interests: Anne enjoys reading. Her favorite author is John Katzenbach. In her leisure times, she enjoys listening to classical music. She just started taking acting classes. Anne does yoga to get in touch with her inner self. She also likes to watch movies.

Favorite food: Anne likes all sorts of fish.

Favorite fashion designer: Roberto Cavalli.

Weirdest dream: I dreamt that I won the Miss World title.

Anne’s ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project: In her spare times, Anne works for a German organization “A Star for Children.” Based in Hamburg, the organization provides computers to children in hospitals, so that, they can keep in touch with their dearest ones and learn useful information.

Message for fellow Miss World 2008 contestants: Hi girls, I look forward to meet you all! Hugs and love from Germany!

Ethiopian beauty Hibert Fekadu: Is she going to win Miss World 2008?

Many of you might know Ethiopia as a famine struck country but it is the oldest human habitat on Earth and has a rich historical background. Over the years, Ethiopia has produced some of the most beautiful girls in the world. In Miss World 2003, Ethiopia sent its delegate, Hayat Ahmed Mohammed, for the first time. She made it to the semi-finals. This year, Miss Hibert Fekadu is representing Ethiopia in Miss World 2008. Hibert Fekadu won Miss Ethiopia in her second effort. In 2007, she participated in the national beauty pageant and become the second runner up. Miss Fekadu believes that she is beautiful, intelligent and has an aim in life. She lives today to make a difference for tomorrow. Fekadu believes that in Miss World 2008, she will do well in the swimsuit section.

Name: Miss Hibert Fekadu.

Height: 179 centimeters

Three must have songs in her i-Pod:

- Bob Marley's One Love;

- Beyonce's Irreplaceable;

- Justin's What Goes Around Comes Around

Favorite designer: Valentino.

Nightlife in Ethiopia: According Hibert Fekadu, Ethiopia has a great night life. There are many places to go including discotheques, cultural music, and various dance clubs in Addis Abeda.

Weirdest dream: Once Hibert dreamt that she was going to hell. She got very scared.

Hibert’s ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project: Hibert is planning to work with street mothers and children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Message to fellow Miss World 2008 contestants: No matter what are the results, be proud and confident. All of us should accept it with pleasure because there will be one winner at the end of the day.

Miss Geisha Nathali Montes DE QOA Robles: The flawless Miss World 2008

Here is another beautiful lady with a killer body. In 1982, Mariasela Álvarez from the Dominican Republic won the Miss World crown. Will Miss Geisha Nathali repeat the history this time? Miss Geisha Nathali Montes De Qoa Robles is a flawless beauty. Her charm is effortless and she oozes sensuousness.

Geisha Nathali is the kind of girl you would like to have as a life partner- sweet, caring, creative cheerful, and affectionate. She always tries to help people in whatever ways she can. She spends a lot of time with her family and friends. Everyday in the morning, Geisha Nathali wakes up and goes to exercise. Upon returning home, she takes breakfast with her father and together they read the daily newspaper and discuss the news. Geisha Nathali is not a liberal girl and she feels very proud of the things she does in her life.

Geisha thinks that her qualities as a human being will help her win Miss World 2008 crown. A responsible girl, Geisha is a very sensitive and supportive person. Everything she does in her life holds great importance to her. She celebrates her life with the people around her, people she loves. Geisha intends to work hard for those in need of personal and social assistance.

Dominican Republic 2008

Name: Miss Geisha Nathali Montes DE Qoa Robles

Age: 21

Height: 175 centimeters

Weight: 117 lbs

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Languages: Miss Geisha Nathali is fluent ins Spanish, English, Italian and French language.

Hometown, childhood and family: Miss Geisha was born in Santa Domingo on April 21, 1987. It is a place with beautiful beaches and friendly people. Geisha Nathali grew up with her two brothers. There are five members in her family.

Education: Miss Geisha studied graphic design, public relations, photography and social communication. Currently, she is studying journalism and broadcasting.

Future plans: Miss Geisha wants to pursue a career in the Art and Entertainment industry.

Favorite sports and outdoor activities: Geisha Nathali loves swimming.

Fashion and beauty secrets: Since Geisha is a conservative girl, she prefers jeans, blouses and shirts. Geisha Nathali’s style is very classic but very youth. Geisha likes warm colors such as orange and pastel colors like rose and light greens. She always wears high heels. She likes evening gowns and cocktail dresses because they make her feel like a princess.

Nathali’s beauty secret is regular exercise, healthy food. By eating right and exercising everyday, one can have a healthy skin, shiny hair and good mental health. Regular exercise also reduces the risk of contacting disease as it makes the body stronger. Every morning, after waking up from sleep, Nathali takes two glasses of water. This purifies her entire system and keeps her skin hydrated and radiant.

Hobbies, leisure activities and other interests: Geisha Nathali likes acting, typical dance, and reading the daily news with her father every morning and watching movies with her family.

Favorite foods: Geisha Nathali likes light chicken wraps. Her most favorite dishes are the deserts!

Motto: "At the end of the game, Kings and Pawns all go back in the same box".

Miss Chile Miss Nataly Nadeska Chilet Bustamante has been preparing for Miss World 2008 for a long time.

One look at her and you can not remove your eyes from her beautiful body. Yes, Miss Chile 2008 Miss Nataly Nadeska Chilet Bustamante has come here to rule. No wonder, she has been on the top favorite contestant list of Miss World 2008.

Nataly has been preparing herself for this competition for a long time. She has worked very hard with determination. Her perseverance prepares her to face any kind of challenge. From her family, Nataly inherited qualities like tolerance, respect and compassion and these values have helped her to understand people better. Nataly is sure that these values would also help her to take the right decision after she wins Miss World 2008. She is very happy for what god has given her and she wants to give something back to life. She knows that changing the world is a tough task but she will fight with all her strength. In the end, Nataly lives it up to the judges to decide.

Miss Chile 2008

Name: Miss Nataly Nadeska Chilet Bustamante

Age: 23

Height: 173 centimeters.

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Languages: Miss Nataly Nadeska can speak Spanish and English.

Hometown and family: Nataly was born and grew up in Santiago, the capital of Chile. She is very close to her family and lives with her parents, grandmother, and brother.

Modeling and TV appearances: Nataly has worked on TV for quite some time. She hosted a show on Chile’s natural treasures.

Education: Nataly is a veterinary medicine student.

Favorite food: Salmon.

Favorite sports and other outdoor activities: Nataly loves volleyball, canoeing, rafting, parachuting, and traveling. She is a extreme sports fan.

Motto: "Make your life a dream and your dreams... reality".

Interesting experience: Once, Nataly became the member of a charity group that was supposed to find families for homeless animals. The group was able to find 100 dogs and managed to find homes for all of them. It was a very emotional experience for Nataly. Since then, she organized a new event after every three months.

Hobbies, leisure activities and other interests: Nataly loves acting, listening and dancing to Latin music and reading poetry. Her favorite book is, "20 Love Poems and One Desperate Song" by Pablo Neruda. Merengue and Salsa are her favorite dances. Nataly enjoys playing with pets and stay in touch nature.

Fashion and beauty secret: Right kind of fashion accessories and attention to details are very much important to Nataly. These two can entirely change the way one looks. Nataly also likes to mix traditional style with modern. Within few hours, from a very traditional woman, she can turn into ultra-modern and she enjoys it very much. Nataly loves her hair very much and she makes sure that her hair looks shiny all the time. She rinses her hair with sparkling mineral water.

Miss Leah Nicole Ryerse is looking forward to rock the swimsuit segment of Miss World 2008

Miss Canada 2008

Independent, open-minded, determined, disciplined, creative, and reliable- that’s how twenty year old Leah Nicole Ryerse describes herself. Leah believes that she will do well in all the three segments of Miss World 2008 but the swimsuit segment is her most favorite because, Leah works very hard to keep her body fit and slim. She will enjoy the event very much and hopes that the judges would also appreciate her enthusiasm. Leah believes that her down-to-earth nature, determination and perseverance to achieve her personal goals will help her win Miss World 2008. She has the ability to relate to different types of people as she grew up in a multi-cultural society.

Name: Miss Leah Nicole Ryerse

Age: 20

Height: 178 centimeters.

Languages: Leach can speak fluently in English. She knows conversational French.

Hometown, family and childhood: Leah was born in Hamilton, Ontario and raised in Stoney Creek. She is the first woman from Hamilton to win Miss World Canada title since Connie Fitzpatrick.

Education: A student at McMaster University, Leah has completed her second year. She is majoring in Health & Social Work.

Motto: “We can change the world with one random act of kindness at a time.”

Occupation: Leah is a professional model and works in Public Relations Promotions at Family Fitness Women’s Centers.

Modeling career: As a model, Leah walked the ramp for many famous designer fashion shows. She also walked the ramp at the famous Fashion Cares gala in Toronto.

Future plan: Leah wants to work with children who are suffering from mental health illnesses.

Favorite three must have songs in her i-Pod:

- Anything by the artist, Ne-Yo

- Bleeding Love, by Leona Lewis

- Lose Yourself, by Eminem

Favorite sports and outdoor activities: Since her school days, Leah has been a sports enthusiast. She played basketball until she completed her high school. Leah also enjoys fitness, power yoga, rollerblading, basketball and fishing.

Hobbies, leisure activities and other interests: Leah enjoys listening to all kinds of music, acting, belly dancing and hip hop. She likes to interact with children and animals.

Favorite designer: Leah’s favorite designer is Ralph Lauren. His fashions are very classy, sophisticated, and clean cut. From a very young age, Leah liked his designs.

Favorite foods: Leah enjoys eating everything healthy including Pizza.

Interesting fact: Leah is color-blind, and her eye colour is blue on the top and brown on the bottom.

Fashion and beauty secrets: Leah constantly changes her style but most of the time, she loves to dress the way she feels. Leah enjoys feminine, fitted clothes with clean lines and high heels. According to Leah, physical beauty is not one’s true beauty. True beauty is reflected by ones behavior. A person has to be confident. To enhance physical beauty, one should drink lots of waters and have lots of sleep. Leah’s beauty motto is “Don’t let the dress wear you, but YOU wear the dress.”

Leah’s ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project: Leah has been working with communities and international organizations devoted to help the youth. Some of the charity events she joined are: City Kidz, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and SOS Children’s Villages. Leah also visited various fitness facilities to spread awareness about healthy living.

Message to fellow contestants: I can’t wait to meet all of you; we are going to have a blast! Remember that we are all winners, beautiful women and intelligent. If there is one piece of advice I can give, it is to always be yourself. Good luck to all!”.

Tamara Almeida Silva: The Ideal Miss World 2008

Miss Brazil 2008

Over the years, Barzil has built a reputation in Miss World for presenting some of the most beautiful women. No wonder, Miss Tamara Almeida Silva has already become one of the most favorite contestants in Miss World 2008 and she should be. The girl is beautiful, determined, strong, and hardworking. She won Miss Brazil contest in her third attempt. Contrary to other Brazilian beauty queens, who undergo multiple plastic surgeries, Tamara Almeida is 100% natural beauty. Tamara believes that by leading a healthy life, regular exercise, and eating healthy foods, she can get into her best shape.

Tamara respects people for who they are. She believes that her patience and sense of commitment would help her win Miss World 2008.

She is not afraid of pursuing her goal relentlessly and does not get scared by new challenges even if she does not know anything.

She believes that if a person does good things to another person, he/she will get only good things in return. Tamara hates gossip and always stays out of it. She takes her life very seriously. She never allows herself to become affected by negative energy. Each new day of her life is very much valuable to her.

Name: Miss Tamara Almeida Silva

Age: 24 (according to Miss World official website it is 23)

Height: 174 centimeters

Weight: 55 kg.

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Occupation: Model and law student.

Languages: Tamara can speak Portuguese, English and Spanish. She also knows a little bit of Chinese.

Hometown, family and childhood: Tamara was born in Ipatinga on August 6, 1985. She grew up in Ipatinga with her two younger sisters and her parents.

Education: Tamara moved to Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais,’ to study law at the age of 17. Currently, she is in her fifth year.

Future plan: Tamara wants to become a judge.

Motto: Don’t waste your time only dreaming, make it happen!

Favorite foods: Tamara loves Japanese dishes.

Favorite sports and outdoor activities: Tamara is addicted to sports. She loves exercising. In her school days, she participated in all kinds of sports including volleyball, judo, handball, and cycling. She likes diving, swimming, cycling, boxing, yoga, martial arts, volleyball, boating. She tried her hands in Muay Thai, boxing and surfing. Tamara also likes to travel. As a model, she has already traveled five continents including: China, Hong Kong, Greece and Thailand.

Hobbies, leisure activities and other interests: For six years, Tamara underwent training in classical ballet and jazz dance. She likes flamenco dance, music, reading, going to theatres and movies. Tamara also enjoys reading and listening to Bossa Nova and Jazz.

Modeling career: Tamara was first discovered and hired by Ford Models in 2005. At the age of 19, she first traveled to Asia for her modeling assignment. Upon returning to Brazil, she received an invitation to participate in Miss World Brazil beauty pageant. She represented the city of Ouro Peto. Two days after the competition, she went to Curitiba and became the second runner-up. Miss World 2006, Unnur Birna, suggested that she should try again. So, she again participated in Miss World Barzil Beauty contest and became the 3rd runner-up. On her third attempt, she won Miss World Brazil crown on July 26, 2008.

‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project: Tamara is very proud of her ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project. She has been working as a spokesperson for an NGO named Amigos da Terra, which means ‘Friends of the Earth.’ The NGO is working for the protection of the Brazilian rainforest and the human rights of the people living in the forest. The NGO is also promoting the sustainable use of products found in the Amazon. If Tamara wins Miss World, she will show the people of the world that there are people in Brazil who work very hard to protect the forest of Brazil. Aside from participating in numerous promotional activities, Tamara inaugurated the ‘Forestry Week’ in Minas Gerais by planting trees and exchanging ideas with other people who are involved in saving the environment. Tamara went to Acre, a state in the Amazon region, to make a documentary about the legacy of Chico Mendes, who dedicated his life to defend the rain forest and the people living in the forest. Chico Mendes was assassinated twenty years ago. The documentary was shown to all the schools in Brazil.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Miss Charmaine Chinapen: Another favorite Miss World 2008 contestant.

Miss Belize 2008

First things first, if you are looking for some one talented and beautiful at the same time, then your search is over; meet Charmaine Chinapen, Miss Belize 2008. She is one of the best women to represent Belize in Miss World beauty pageant. Charmaine has lots of patience because it takes a lot to read Physical Chemistry Quantum Mechanics books. Charmaine was born to Guyanese parents in Curacao. Her father is a banker and due to his profession, they moved to different places.

Name: Miss Charmaine Chinapen

Age: 21

Height: 174 centimeters

Languages: Miss Charmaine can fluently speak in English. She has conversational skill in Spanish.

Favorite foods: Charmaine loves sea food. Stuffed clams, lobsters, and crab cakes are some of her favorite sea foods.

Academic background: In 2004, Charmaine made a record in Country of Belize CXC (Caribbean Examination Council). She took 11 CXCs with 9 ones and 2 twos. She received ones in 3 outside subjects, with just a few months of study. Charmaine went on to become St. Catherine Academy’s CXC record holder. She graduated in the second place from St. Catherine Academy. Currently, Charmaine is going to start her final semester at St. John’s University, New York. She did her major in Chemistry and minor in Philosophy of Physical Sciences.

Other qualifications:

Charmaine received trainings in piano, voice, acting, choreography, and modeling.

· Piano –Piano at Royal Schools of Music, England, under Patricia Arnold

· Voice –Belize Music School under Gina Scott,

Scott Calcagno of John Robert Powers, New York.

· Acting –Phillip Galinsky of John Robert Powers

· Atonia Pettiford of Barbizon, New York

· Choreography – William Neal, Belize City

· Modeling – Rebecca Bratland of Barbizon, New York

Future plans: Charmaine wants to become a neurosurgeon and work through “Doctors Without Borders.”

Work experience: Charmaine is employed as a ‘General,organic and biological Chemistry Tutor. She also did modeling and appeared in various promotional events.

Favorite sports and outdoor activities: Charmaine loves rock climbing, swimming, track and field, hiking in the Belizean rainforest, and cycling. At the age of 9, Charmaine Chinapen moved to Belize with her family. During her teenage years, she spent a lot time exploring the Maya ruins and the famous barrier reef.

Hobbies, leisure activities and other interests: Charmaine loves performing arts. As I have mentioned earlier, she received special trainings in singing, song writing, piano, dancing, acting, etc. Charmaine also likes to write short stories and does fashion designs. In her leisure, Charmaine plays with her German shepherd, Elle, and play videogames with her brother.

Modeling, acting and promotional activities:

· In 2007, Miss Charmaine Chinapen appeared in Pantene Pro-V Print Advertisement for the April issue of Hype Hair Magazine.

· In 2006, Miss Charmaine Chinapen modeled for MoeMos Jeans at Launch Party for Tmobile Sidekick 3 Release in New York.

· In 2006, Miss Charmaine Chinapen played the female lead, Theodora, in Haunting of Hill House & Isabella in Picture, at St. John’s University, New York.

· From 2006- 2008, Miss Charmaine Chinapen was the face of Richard Holder Photography, Belize.

· In 2005, Miss Charmaine Chinapen modeled at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

· In 2005, Miss Charmaine Chinapen was the promotional spokes model for Clairol Natural Instincts, Pantene Pro-V in New York.

· In 2004, Miss Charmaine Chinapen modeled for “Belize Passion for Fashion” – House of Culture, Belize.

List of Nominations and Awards:

· In 2008, Charmaine Chinapen became the Silver Key Nominee for Chemistry by the Skull and Circle Honor Society, St. Johns University in New York, USA.

· In 2005, Charmaine Chinapen won Barbizon television commercial acting scholarship.

· In 2005, Charmaine Chinapen won John Robert Powers’s singing scholarship.

· In 2004, Charmaine Chinapen obtained second place in St. Catherine Academy Belle of the Ball (Charity Fundraiser).

· In 2003, Charmaine Chinapen won Belize Best Actress Award for playing the female lead, ‘Mary’ in “Choices.” It was Belize’s first movie.

· In 2003, Charmaine Chinapen took the first place in Teen Dance Competition in Belize.

· In 2002, Charmaine Chinapen became Miss St. Catherine Academy High School (Junior Division).

· In 2000, Charmaine Chinapen was chosen as AIDS Awareness representative of Belize.

· In 2000, Charmaine Chinapen obtained the first place in Belize Northern District Spelling Bee competition.

· In 2000, Charmaine Chinapen received the salutatorian of Belize Elementary School.

· In 2000, Charmaine Chinapen was among the top ten students in Belize Primary School Examination.

· From1998-2000, Charmaine Chinapen won multiple gold and silver awards in Belize Festival of Arts in poems, choral singing and art.

· From1998-2000, Charmaine Chinapen was a ‘Double Dare Contestant’ for Nickelodeon Studios, USA.

For more information on Miss Belize 2008, Charmaine Chinapen, check out the following links: