Thursday, October 16, 2008

Womanizer is No.1 on Billboard's 100 singles list: Britney Spears regains her "Pop Princess" stature

Britney Spears has regained her position of “Princess of Pop” once again. Finally she became the headline for the right reasons. It looks like Britney Spears is back to her old self.

On September 15, 2008, the single “Womanizer,” from her upcoming music album, ‘Circus,’ took the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart. The song was produced and co-written by Nikesha Briscoe and Rapheal Akinyemi. Both of them belong to an Atlanta-based production team, ‘The Outsyders.’ The song was released on September 26, 2008 and last week it was No.96 in the billboard chart. Within one week it went to the top position. The song was at the top position in iTunes charts in Canada, France, Spain, and Sweden. However, the biggest boost for the song was that it in the first 48 hours of its release it received 7 million hits. The You Tube video of the song was watched by millions of people around the world. Reuters reports:

Billboard said the unprecedented leap of "Womanizer" was spurred by first-week download sales of 286,000, the biggest opening week tally by a female artist since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking digital downloads in 2003.

The charts were released as expectations rose that Spears would start a tour in early 2009 -- her first since 2004 -- to support the new album "Circus" to be released on December 2.

“Blackout,” the 2007 album of Britney Spears, which was dubbed as her ‘come back album,’ had a good start but it did not hold on much longer. It looks like 'Circus' is going to be the true ‘come back’ album of Britney Spears. The album will be released on December 2, 2008, on Britney Spears’ 27th Birthday.

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