Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FBI raided hacker Josh Holly's house and ceased three computers and phone

Hacker Josh Holly’s house was raided by FBI Agents on October 20, 2008. The agent seized three computers and a phone from his Murfreesboro home in Tennessee.

The 19 year old hacker hacked into famous Disney TV-series actress Miley Cyrus’s email account and stole some controversial photos and spread them on the internet. Instead of keeping the whole thing under wraps, Josh Holly went forward and gave interview to bloggers and bragged over his achievement. Reuters reports:

But Holly told that the FBI found him on Monday, seizing three computers and a phone from his home in Murfreesboro, Tenn. He was not arrested or charged.

"I was just kind of shaking. I was thrown way off guard," he told "I guess somebody ended up ratting me out."

The FBI in Tennessee did not respond to calls for comment, according to and other media reports.

Unfortunately, Josh Holly could not even sale these photos because no one was willing to buy them in fear of lawsuit. Holly hacked into Miley Cyrus’s account last December and found images of Miley Cyrus sporting bare midriff and blowing kisses. In another photo, she was standing under the shower in a wet white T-shirt. The kiss photo was sent to Nick Jonas of Jonas Brothers.

The photos dealt a big blow to Miley Cyrus’s clean image. She later apologized to the people.

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