Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Anne Katrin Walter dreams to become Miss World 2008

Miss Germany 2008

The first thing you will notice about Anne Katrin Walter is her beautiful expressive eyes (Don't know whether she wear contacts or not). She is a very beautiful woman and would get a lot of support in Miss World 2008. A part time model, Anne is very serious about her studies. Currently, Anne lives in a small city. It was a painful day for Anne, when she had to leave her parents’ home to go to college. She lives in a small city that does not have any night life. One would have to drive for couple of hours to get the test of night life but Anne does not go out much. Anne Katrin Walter believes that in the three segments of Miss World, she has a good chance in the interview session.

Name: Anne Katrin Walter

Age: 21

Height: 172 centimeters

Languages: Anne Katrin can speak German, English and French.

Hometown, childhood and family: Anne Katrin was born in the city of Kiel, in Northern Germany and grew up in Spreewald, a biosphere reserve, famous for its market gardens and preserved vegetables.

Education: Anne Katrin just started her studies in the field of medicine.

Future plan: Anne Katrin wants to become a doctor.

Modeling career: Anne is a part time model.

Motto: "Aim for the stars but keep your feet on the ground."

Favorite three songs in her i-Pod:

- 4 Minutes;

- The Greatest Love of All;

- Dangerous.

Favorite sports and outdoor activities: Anne Katrin loves to travel.

Hobbies, leisure activities and other interests: Anne enjoys reading. Her favorite author is John Katzenbach. In her leisure times, she enjoys listening to classical music. She just started taking acting classes. Anne does yoga to get in touch with her inner self. She also likes to watch movies.

Favorite food: Anne likes all sorts of fish.

Favorite fashion designer: Roberto Cavalli.

Weirdest dream: I dreamt that I won the Miss World title.

Anne’s ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project: In her spare times, Anne works for a German organization “A Star for Children.” Based in Hamburg, the organization provides computers to children in hospitals, so that, they can keep in touch with their dearest ones and learn useful information.

Message for fellow Miss World 2008 contestants: Hi girls, I look forward to meet you all! Hugs and love from Germany!

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