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Miss Christina Marie Trejo-Baiz: One of the favorite Miss World 2008 delegates.

Miss Aruba 2008

Aruba is a small island in the Southern Caribbean Sea. It is a beautiful city with friendly people and Christina’s beauty truly reflects the friendly and inviting nature of her country. Like her fellow Aruban beauty, Zizi Lee, who almost won Miss World title in 2001, Christina Marie Trejo-Baiz is of mixed heritage. Christina has a beautiful face, a very friendly smile and a great body. She is the kind of girl you would love to go out with on a date or pass a nice complement when she is passing by.

Daring, adventurous, ambitious, confident, determined, focused, and compassionate- this is how Christina describes herself. She is sympathetic to the needy and loves children. Christina is a positive thinker and she believes that a person can achieve anything in life.

According to Christina, the most important quality a Miss World winner should have is that she should be caring and sympathetic. It is care and sympathy towards human beings that makes this world a better place. Christina believes that her caring nature would make her an ideal Miss World.

Name: Miss Christina Marie Trejo-Baiz.

Age: 20

Height: 175 centimeters

Hometown: Christina was born in Dallas, Texas, but she was brought up in Companashi, Oranjestad.

Family: Daughter of a Mexican father and Aruban mother, Christina is currently living in Aruba with her step-father, mother, older sister, Tessa, and her six year old brother, John.

Languages: Miss Christina can speak in Papiamento, Dutch, Spanish and English.

Personal motto: "Face the past without regrets, live the present with confidence and prepare for the future without fear".

Favorite foods: Christina loves sea food. Her favorite dish is garlic shrimps.

Favorites songs in her i-Pod will be:

-“She’s Royal” by Tarrus Riley

-“Brand New Day” by Idyllmist

- “Enciende Una Luz” by Marcos Witt

Education: Currently, Christina is doing her BSc and her major is Tourism.

Future plans: Christina wants become a Public Relations Ambassador for Aruba.

Sports and outdoor activities: Christina loves swimming. She also studies Tang So Doo (a Korean martial art). Christina likes to travel and wish to do more in future as it will enable her to know more about different countries and cultures.

Hobbies: Christina enjoys singing and dancing. She likes Latin/Caribbean rhythm, modern dance, and folklore. In her leisure, she likes to spend time with her family, chit chatting, watching movies, playing cards or board games. Christina also likes handcrafting, painting and experimenting with colors.

Modeling experience: As a model, Christina worked for Eliza Lejuez, a Dutch artist living in Aruba. She also works for a modeling agency named “Di Aruba Moda.”

Fashion:For regular days, Christina prefers the casual sporty look as it matches with her personality. On occasion, she likes the elegant classy look. If Christina was invited to the prestigious New York Fashion week, she would prefer wearing clothes designed by Aruban designers. Her favorite designers are: Ronzzio de Cuba, Edgar Kock and Eliza Lejuez and Percy Irausquin.

Beauty: Christina believes that beauty is a combination of inner beauty and outer beauty. The inner beauty of a person comes out when he/she is happy for being who he is and what he has and sharing it with other. In order to enhance the outer beauty one should have lots of laughter and plenty of sleep.

“Beauty with a Purpose” project: Since her childhood, Christina has been involved with Aruba Red Cross. As a small child, she used to take first-aid classes in the Red-Cross. Christina’s grandfather has been a member of the Red Cross since its inception in Aruba in 1956. The Red Cross in Aruba is engaged in providing foods, clothes and shelter to the needy people. Currently, the organization is also involved in raising awareness against HIV/AIDS.

Most memorable rainy day: Aruba is situated under the hurricane belt. Christina remembers the day when hurricane ‘Ivan’ passed through the West Coast of her country. There were strong winds and heavy rains and the streets were filled with water. Many people lost their houses and schools were closed for a long time. It was a disastrous situation for the country.

Weirdest dream: Christina dreamt that she was floating around and she wanted to come down but she could not. She could neither scream nor talk to anyone. Suddenly, she woke up and found herself in her bed at home.

Interesting work experience: Christina’s working experience includes distributing flyers on roller blades for the carnival parade.

Along with her sister, who resides in Orlando, Florida and a member of the Caribbean Student Council, Christina went to a near by park to feed the homeless people. The people were very happy when the students gave them food and it was a very interesting experience for Christina. Since then, she vowed not to waste any food and be thankful for the foods she had in life.

Strongest point: Christina is beautiful and confident that she would score well in all the three segments but she will out perform others in her interview session.

Message to other Miss World 2008 contestants:

Always give your best and enjoy this great opportunity. I wish you all best of luck.

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