Sunday, October 26, 2008

Will Miss Brigite dos Santos win Miss World 2008?

Miss Angola 2008

Name: Miss Brigite dos Santos

Age: 18

Height: 179 centimeters.

Hometown: Luanda, Zaire province.

Languages: Miss Brigite Santos is fluent in Portuguese and English language.

Favorite singers: In her iPod, Brigite must have songs of:

1. Beyonce

2. Usher

3. Yola Semedo

Favorite designer: If Brigite had been invited to the New York Fashion Week, her favorite dress designer would be Dolce & Gabanna and John Galiano.

Favorite foods: Grilled fish and salad.

Weirdest dream: Once I had a nightmare that I was dying.

Message to fellow Miss World 2008 competitors: It is a special moment and great life experience. So, enjoy this wonderful pageant but we should not forget that we can use this great opportunity to help the people in need.

Brigite is the youngest child of eight brothers. Her motto is, “life is short, so enjoy every moment.” She is such a person who never gives up on her dreams and goals. Brigite believes that she has a good chance in the swimsuit competition because she has a fit and slim body and she is confident that the judges will notice her. She also expects to do good in her interview session.

Brigite just loves rainy days especially, if she is in good company. On such a rainy day, she went out fishing and there was a heavy storm. There were thunder lights and lots of water and noise. Brigite got quite scared that day.

With her title, Brigite aims to get sponsors and associations to help the youth of her country who are suffering from HIV/AIDS. Brigite also wants to help the national institutions of her country that are working on HIV/AIDS.

Eighteen year old Brigite just finished her high school and she wants to become a Petroleum Engineer. Her proudest achievement is passing her driving license test. Brigite loves to travel. She loves to listen to music, such as, Jazz while relaxing. She also enjoys swimming.

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