Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Miss Natalie Olivia Griffith: The top favorite Miss World 2008 contestant

Miss Barbados 2008

Born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, Natalie lived in New York and Toronto for a short time. She came to Barbados when she was three years old. Natalie studied at the Combermere School in Barbados. Famous Barbadian singer, Rihanna, also studied in this school. Natalie has some talented relatives in her family. She is the third cousin of famous basketball player, Kareem Abdul-Jabar. There is also an opera singer, a musical director and prima ballerina among her relatives.

A determined, dedicated free-spirited girl, Natalie, is very much excited to participate in Miss World 2008. She believes that dedication and determination are the two qualities that determine one's achievements in life. She loves anything related to three ‘F’s- friends, family and food. She likes to make people laugh. She is the comedian in her family but she can be very serious and outspoken when situation demands.

Name: Miss Natalie Olivia Griffith

Age: 18

Height: 168 centimeters

Languages: Miss Natalie can fluently speak English and knows basic Spanish.

Home town: Checker Hall in St. Lucy, Barbados.

Personal motto: "Believe and you can achieve."

Education: Natalie entered the University at the age of sixteen. Currently, she is

pursuing her B.A degree in Psychology with Management. She wants to finish her MA before the age of 23.

Future plans: Natalie dreams become a successful publicist. She dreams to have her own Marketing company that specializes in the field of Branding and Public relations.

Favorite three must have songs in her i-Pod:

-Machel Montanno – Defense – I like the reggaetone soca fusion and the up tempo beat, it’s a feel good song.

-Tessann Chin – Hideaway – Once again, the fusion between reggae and alternative music is great listening, plus she is an extremely talented singer.

-Rihanna – Sell Me Candy – a really nice combination on sounds.

Favorite sporting and outdoor activities: Natalie loves swimming. She has been a competitive swimmer for seven years. Aside from swimming, Natalie spends her free time playing cricket with her neighbours, fishing, and making and flying kites.

Hobbies and leisure activities: Natalie enjoys dancing, singing, listening to music, playing piano and basic recorder, and grooming her three small dogs named: Blackface, Lucky and Pooberts. She also loves traveling, cooking and meeting new people and experiencing new food. In her leisure times, she likes to go to the beach and spend quality times with her friends and family.

‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project: For the past one year, Natalie has been working on an interactive audio book on HIV/AIDS, conceptualized by her. First of its kind, the book contains information on HIV/AIDS and raises awareness against stigmatization and discrimination against HIV/AIDS affected people. The National HIV/AIDS Commission, the leading organization in Barbados working toward raising awareness against HIV/AIDS, is going to use the book.

In August, the downloadable version of the book was launched by a leading Caribbean download site. In October, the CD of the book was made available for reference at ALL Secondary Schools in Barbados. The book will also be available for reference in the Human Resource Departments in many domestic and international organizations that have branches in Barbados. All the money procured from the sales of the book will go to Barbadian organizations that work with HIV/AIDS infected people.

Fashion: An old school girl at heart, Natalie loves anything vintage with contemporary twist.

Favorite designers: Christian Siriano and Zac Posen.

Interesting work experience: Natalie did many summer jobs but the most interesting was serving as her father’s secretary which taught her to separate private life from business.

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