Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Twenty three year old Szilvia Freire is going to rock Miss World 2008

Miss Hungary 2008

Here is another flawless beauty with a beautiful face, who remains cheerful all the time. Twenty three year old Szilvia Freire has a very attractive figure. Once you set your eyes on her, you can never forget her. Szilvia’s fellow winner, Jazmin Dammak, made it to the semi-finals of Miss Universe 2008 and took everyone by surprise.

A lover of nature and beautiful landscapes, Szilvia, is a diverse and open minded person. She is social and sympathetic by nature. She needs people’s company and attention. Due to her cheerful nature, she can easily connect with other people. Her experience of living in different places since childhood helped her to gain positive attitude, tolerance and patience. Szilvia always learns from her failures and try to achieve her goals. She is not afraid of negative criticisms.

Name: Miss Szilvia Freire.

Age: 23

Height: 174 centimeters

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Languages: Szilvia can fluently speak Hungarian, English, Portuguese, and a little bit of French.

Hometown, childhood and family: Silvia is of mixed heritage. She was born in Budapest to an African father and Hungarian mother. Her paternal grandparents are Portuguese living in Mozambique.

She then moved to Maputo, Mozambique and stayed there till she was nine years old. She then returned to Budapest with her mother. Currently, she is living alone in Budapest but she regularly talks to her mother, step father, her two sisters and grandparents.

Education: Szilvia likes to study. She received her first college diploma as an economist at the age of twenty. For her research thesis, she received one of the best grades in Hungary. She then graduated as an economist and now studying communication.

Favorite sports and outdoor activities: Szilvia loves to work out in the gym and traveling. Everyday she participates in sports activity. Szilvia has great respects for the people of other cultures. Hence, she like to travel.

Hobbies, leisure activities and other interests: Szilvia loves drawing and painting. African savannas and its animals are her favorite subject for painting. Szilvia enjoys listening to R&B and hip hop music, cooking, and playing ‘Texas hold’em’ poker. Szilvia also loves animals very much.

Motto: "Venture the impossible to reach the possible". (Hermann Hesse)

Fashion and beauty secrets: Szilvia puts a lot of emphasis on healthy lifestyle, which can protect both appearance and soul. She pays attention to her meals, does training and sports. Every day, she drinks 2-3 liters of water and takes vitamin C.

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Tugasdumcatano said...

African father?!?!?!? Is there any special reason for having mentioned the continent (and not the country) where her father was born..!?!?!?

Her father was born in Mozambique (which then was a Portuguese colony) ?

Her dad is Portuguese!