Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Miss Geisha Nathali Montes DE QOA Robles: The flawless Miss World 2008

Here is another beautiful lady with a killer body. In 1982, Mariasela Álvarez from the Dominican Republic won the Miss World crown. Will Miss Geisha Nathali repeat the history this time? Miss Geisha Nathali Montes De Qoa Robles is a flawless beauty. Her charm is effortless and she oozes sensuousness.

Geisha Nathali is the kind of girl you would like to have as a life partner- sweet, caring, creative cheerful, and affectionate. She always tries to help people in whatever ways she can. She spends a lot of time with her family and friends. Everyday in the morning, Geisha Nathali wakes up and goes to exercise. Upon returning home, she takes breakfast with her father and together they read the daily newspaper and discuss the news. Geisha Nathali is not a liberal girl and she feels very proud of the things she does in her life.

Geisha thinks that her qualities as a human being will help her win Miss World 2008 crown. A responsible girl, Geisha is a very sensitive and supportive person. Everything she does in her life holds great importance to her. She celebrates her life with the people around her, people she loves. Geisha intends to work hard for those in need of personal and social assistance.

Dominican Republic 2008

Name: Miss Geisha Nathali Montes DE Qoa Robles

Age: 21

Height: 175 centimeters

Weight: 117 lbs

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Languages: Miss Geisha Nathali is fluent ins Spanish, English, Italian and French language.

Hometown, childhood and family: Miss Geisha was born in Santa Domingo on April 21, 1987. It is a place with beautiful beaches and friendly people. Geisha Nathali grew up with her two brothers. There are five members in her family.

Education: Miss Geisha studied graphic design, public relations, photography and social communication. Currently, she is studying journalism and broadcasting.

Future plans: Miss Geisha wants to pursue a career in the Art and Entertainment industry.

Favorite sports and outdoor activities: Geisha Nathali loves swimming.

Fashion and beauty secrets: Since Geisha is a conservative girl, she prefers jeans, blouses and shirts. Geisha Nathali’s style is very classic but very youth. Geisha likes warm colors such as orange and pastel colors like rose and light greens. She always wears high heels. She likes evening gowns and cocktail dresses because they make her feel like a princess.

Nathali’s beauty secret is regular exercise, healthy food. By eating right and exercising everyday, one can have a healthy skin, shiny hair and good mental health. Regular exercise also reduces the risk of contacting disease as it makes the body stronger. Every morning, after waking up from sleep, Nathali takes two glasses of water. This purifies her entire system and keeps her skin hydrated and radiant.

Hobbies, leisure activities and other interests: Geisha Nathali likes acting, typical dance, and reading the daily news with her father every morning and watching movies with her family.

Favorite foods: Geisha Nathali likes light chicken wraps. Her most favorite dishes are the deserts!

Motto: "At the end of the game, Kings and Pawns all go back in the same box".

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