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Miss Charmaine Chinapen: Another favorite Miss World 2008 contestant.

Miss Belize 2008

First things first, if you are looking for some one talented and beautiful at the same time, then your search is over; meet Charmaine Chinapen, Miss Belize 2008. She is one of the best women to represent Belize in Miss World beauty pageant. Charmaine has lots of patience because it takes a lot to read Physical Chemistry Quantum Mechanics books. Charmaine was born to Guyanese parents in Curacao. Her father is a banker and due to his profession, they moved to different places.

Name: Miss Charmaine Chinapen

Age: 21

Height: 174 centimeters

Languages: Miss Charmaine can fluently speak in English. She has conversational skill in Spanish.

Favorite foods: Charmaine loves sea food. Stuffed clams, lobsters, and crab cakes are some of her favorite sea foods.

Academic background: In 2004, Charmaine made a record in Country of Belize CXC (Caribbean Examination Council). She took 11 CXCs with 9 ones and 2 twos. She received ones in 3 outside subjects, with just a few months of study. Charmaine went on to become St. Catherine Academy’s CXC record holder. She graduated in the second place from St. Catherine Academy. Currently, Charmaine is going to start her final semester at St. John’s University, New York. She did her major in Chemistry and minor in Philosophy of Physical Sciences.

Other qualifications:

Charmaine received trainings in piano, voice, acting, choreography, and modeling.

· Piano –Piano at Royal Schools of Music, England, under Patricia Arnold

· Voice –Belize Music School under Gina Scott,

Scott Calcagno of John Robert Powers, New York.

· Acting –Phillip Galinsky of John Robert Powers

· Atonia Pettiford of Barbizon, New York

· Choreography – William Neal, Belize City

· Modeling – Rebecca Bratland of Barbizon, New York

Future plans: Charmaine wants to become a neurosurgeon and work through “Doctors Without Borders.”

Work experience: Charmaine is employed as a ‘General,organic and biological Chemistry Tutor. She also did modeling and appeared in various promotional events.

Favorite sports and outdoor activities: Charmaine loves rock climbing, swimming, track and field, hiking in the Belizean rainforest, and cycling. At the age of 9, Charmaine Chinapen moved to Belize with her family. During her teenage years, she spent a lot time exploring the Maya ruins and the famous barrier reef.

Hobbies, leisure activities and other interests: Charmaine loves performing arts. As I have mentioned earlier, she received special trainings in singing, song writing, piano, dancing, acting, etc. Charmaine also likes to write short stories and does fashion designs. In her leisure, Charmaine plays with her German shepherd, Elle, and play videogames with her brother.

Modeling, acting and promotional activities:

· In 2007, Miss Charmaine Chinapen appeared in Pantene Pro-V Print Advertisement for the April issue of Hype Hair Magazine.

· In 2006, Miss Charmaine Chinapen modeled for MoeMos Jeans at Launch Party for Tmobile Sidekick 3 Release in New York.

· In 2006, Miss Charmaine Chinapen played the female lead, Theodora, in Haunting of Hill House & Isabella in Picture, at St. John’s University, New York.

· From 2006- 2008, Miss Charmaine Chinapen was the face of Richard Holder Photography, Belize.

· In 2005, Miss Charmaine Chinapen modeled at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

· In 2005, Miss Charmaine Chinapen was the promotional spokes model for Clairol Natural Instincts, Pantene Pro-V in New York.

· In 2004, Miss Charmaine Chinapen modeled for “Belize Passion for Fashion” – House of Culture, Belize.

List of Nominations and Awards:

· In 2008, Charmaine Chinapen became the Silver Key Nominee for Chemistry by the Skull and Circle Honor Society, St. Johns University in New York, USA.

· In 2005, Charmaine Chinapen won Barbizon television commercial acting scholarship.

· In 2005, Charmaine Chinapen won John Robert Powers’s singing scholarship.

· In 2004, Charmaine Chinapen obtained second place in St. Catherine Academy Belle of the Ball (Charity Fundraiser).

· In 2003, Charmaine Chinapen won Belize Best Actress Award for playing the female lead, ‘Mary’ in “Choices.” It was Belize’s first movie.

· In 2003, Charmaine Chinapen took the first place in Teen Dance Competition in Belize.

· In 2002, Charmaine Chinapen became Miss St. Catherine Academy High School (Junior Division).

· In 2000, Charmaine Chinapen was chosen as AIDS Awareness representative of Belize.

· In 2000, Charmaine Chinapen obtained the first place in Belize Northern District Spelling Bee competition.

· In 2000, Charmaine Chinapen received the salutatorian of Belize Elementary School.

· In 2000, Charmaine Chinapen was among the top ten students in Belize Primary School Examination.

· From1998-2000, Charmaine Chinapen won multiple gold and silver awards in Belize Festival of Arts in poems, choral singing and art.

· From1998-2000, Charmaine Chinapen was a ‘Double Dare Contestant’ for Nickelodeon Studios, USA.

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