Monday, October 27, 2008

Miss Mizuki Kubotera: My favorite Miss World 2008

Miss JAPAN 2008

Name: Miss Mizuki Kubotera

Age: 21

Height: 173

Languages: Miss Mizuki Kubotera can fluently speak Japanese and English language.

Looking at her picture, the first thing I noticed is her beautiful face and she looks more beautiful when she smiles. May be Mizuki truly believes in her motto: “Keep smiling and think positive.” Twenty one year old Mizuki Kubotera is a resident of Hadano but she grew up Kanagawa. The city of Hadano is surrounded by beautiful mountains. One can also enjoy the view of Mount Fuji from there. An International Relations major, Mizuki also studied Economics, History and Sociology. In March 2009, she will earn her B.A degree. Mizuki also worked as a part time model. She did both print ads and TV commercials. For a TV commercial, Mizuki had to swim in an aquarium for eight hours with a white dolphin. She enjoyed it very much because the dolphin was soft, playful and friendly. Mizuki wants to travel around the world. Already she visited U.S., Thailand, Korea and Australia. As a member of her high school basketball club, she went to China to play against Chinese Universities. Aside from being an avid basket ball player, Mizuki enjoys swimming, cooking, playing piano, Japanese dance, and listening to music. She is also a talented calligraphist.

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