Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Will Miss Alizee Poulicek become Miss World 2008?

Miss Belgium 2008

A natural, caring, young woman, Alizee Poulicek loves sports, cinema, music, traveling and meeting new people. To be honest, this girl is a well-packaged beauty. From head to toe, she is picture perfect, may be too perfect.

As a contestant, Alizee believes that she is going to excel in all the three segments of the Miss World contest. Alizee believes that the swimsuit segment is the most important because a woman is a ‘model of beauty.’ It is important to have a beautiful face and slim figure. She believes that the judges will better understand her personality during the interview session.

Name: Miss Alizee Poulicek

Age: 21

Height: 175 centimeters

Languages: Miss Alizee can speak in French, Czech, English and Dutch.

Hometown and family: Born to a Belgian mother and Czech father in Brussels, Alizee spent her first ten years in Prague. Czech Republic is her second home. Currently, she is a resident of Huy, Belgium.

Favorite three must have songs on her i-Pod:

  • A romantic and sweet number: Before going to sleep or getting into romantic mood.
  • A dynamic and upbeat song: When feeling good or when she needs to motivate myself.
  • House or dance music: When Alizee is feeling like partying!!

Favorite sports and outdoor activities: Alizee loves horse riding, skiing, running, and playing tennis.

Hobbies and leisure activities: Alizee has great interest in cinema, photography, piano, and modern jazz dance.

Favorite foods: Alizee enjoys all types of food but especially likes the Italian and Thai cuisines.

Weirdest dream: Alizee wants to travel around the world. She does not want to stay in luxurious hotels but small hotels and in common people’s house, so that, she could know them better.

Motto: "Experience as many things as possible in your life to make it as rich as possible; learn about every experience you have had, and try to realise and to believe in all your dreams".

Appearance on TV: Alizee has done many television contracts. She wants to become a television presenter.

Alizee’s ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project: After winning Miss Belgium title, Alizee worked with the Red Cross Society. She worked in several Red Cross projects in Belgium. She even went to Africa for one week to work in one of their projects. It has been a dream come true for her.

Message to fellow Miss World 2008 contestants: Let’s enjoy this new adventure altogether. We will be more than 100 girls from all over the world in an amazing place for one month. It is an incredible and unique experience, so, enjoy!

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