Monday, October 27, 2008

Miss Olivia Marie Anne Carey: One of the hot favorites of Miss World 2008

Miss Mauritius 2008

Name: Miss Olivia Marie Anne Carey

Age: 19

Height: 169cm

Languages: Miss Olivia can fluently speak in English, French and Spanish.

Though Mauritius is a small island nation, situated in the Indian ocean, it is full of people from different ethnic groups including the Africans, the Madagascar, the French, the English, and the Chinese. In one word, Mauritius is a country of great harmony. Miss Olivia comes from such a colorful nation and her motto is, “As one people-as one nation.” Miss Olivia grew up in Savannah and her proudest moment was getting her high School Diploma. Currently, she is working as a tourist guide. Next year, she is going to study Accounts and Management. Olivia dreams to run her own restaurant someday and run a business in Management and Communications. Olivia loves the traditional local foods of her country. In her leisure, she enjoys water sports, cycling, and distance running. Olivia also loves ballet dancing and she likes to play different instruments including flute and guitar. Olivia also loves to travel.

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