Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ethiopian beauty Hibert Fekadu: Is she going to win Miss World 2008?

Many of you might know Ethiopia as a famine struck country but it is the oldest human habitat on Earth and has a rich historical background. Over the years, Ethiopia has produced some of the most beautiful girls in the world. In Miss World 2003, Ethiopia sent its delegate, Hayat Ahmed Mohammed, for the first time. She made it to the semi-finals. This year, Miss Hibert Fekadu is representing Ethiopia in Miss World 2008. Hibert Fekadu won Miss Ethiopia in her second effort. In 2007, she participated in the national beauty pageant and become the second runner up. Miss Fekadu believes that she is beautiful, intelligent and has an aim in life. She lives today to make a difference for tomorrow. Fekadu believes that in Miss World 2008, she will do well in the swimsuit section.

Name: Miss Hibert Fekadu.

Height: 179 centimeters

Three must have songs in her i-Pod:

- Bob Marley's One Love;

- Beyonce's Irreplaceable;

- Justin's What Goes Around Comes Around

Favorite designer: Valentino.

Nightlife in Ethiopia: According Hibert Fekadu, Ethiopia has a great night life. There are many places to go including discotheques, cultural music, and various dance clubs in Addis Abeda.

Weirdest dream: Once Hibert dreamt that she was going to hell. She got very scared.

Hibert’s ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project: Hibert is planning to work with street mothers and children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Message to fellow Miss World 2008 contestants: No matter what are the results, be proud and confident. All of us should accept it with pleasure because there will be one winner at the end of the day.

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