Thursday, October 16, 2008

Actress Angelina Jolie joins Kids In Need of Defence (KIND)

Aside from having one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood and great acting skills, actress Angelina Jolie is also famous for her humanitarian activities. Recently, Miss Jolie joined an organization that helps immigrant children in USA.

The organization, Kids In Need of Defence (KIND) provides legal representation for immigrant children in USA. The organization is aiming to give full support to all the immigrant children in USA.

The scheme hopes to help children, of which there are approximately 2,100 a year in need of assistance, "in those areas of the country where the need is greatest" by 2010.

The organisation will first assist young people in Los Angeles, Seattle and Houston but hope to eventually expand throughout the country.

Aside from Angelina Jolie, American software giant,Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has also joined KIND.

Interestingly, USA is the only Western country that does not provide any counsel for unaccompanied children in immigrant court. Many of these children end up in the country through child trafficking, looking for their families or escaping the torture of their home nations. In such situation, many cases are turned down as the child do not have a lawyer to represent. KIND is planning to work as the representatives of these children.

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