Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tamara Almeida Silva: The Ideal Miss World 2008

Miss Brazil 2008

Over the years, Barzil has built a reputation in Miss World for presenting some of the most beautiful women. No wonder, Miss Tamara Almeida Silva has already become one of the most favorite contestants in Miss World 2008 and she should be. The girl is beautiful, determined, strong, and hardworking. She won Miss Brazil contest in her third attempt. Contrary to other Brazilian beauty queens, who undergo multiple plastic surgeries, Tamara Almeida is 100% natural beauty. Tamara believes that by leading a healthy life, regular exercise, and eating healthy foods, she can get into her best shape.

Tamara respects people for who they are. She believes that her patience and sense of commitment would help her win Miss World 2008.

She is not afraid of pursuing her goal relentlessly and does not get scared by new challenges even if she does not know anything.

She believes that if a person does good things to another person, he/she will get only good things in return. Tamara hates gossip and always stays out of it. She takes her life very seriously. She never allows herself to become affected by negative energy. Each new day of her life is very much valuable to her.

Name: Miss Tamara Almeida Silva

Age: 24 (according to Miss World official website it is 23)

Height: 174 centimeters

Weight: 55 kg.

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Occupation: Model and law student.

Languages: Tamara can speak Portuguese, English and Spanish. She also knows a little bit of Chinese.

Hometown, family and childhood: Tamara was born in Ipatinga on August 6, 1985. She grew up in Ipatinga with her two younger sisters and her parents.

Education: Tamara moved to Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais,’ to study law at the age of 17. Currently, she is in her fifth year.

Future plan: Tamara wants to become a judge.

Motto: Don’t waste your time only dreaming, make it happen!

Favorite foods: Tamara loves Japanese dishes.

Favorite sports and outdoor activities: Tamara is addicted to sports. She loves exercising. In her school days, she participated in all kinds of sports including volleyball, judo, handball, and cycling. She likes diving, swimming, cycling, boxing, yoga, martial arts, volleyball, boating. She tried her hands in Muay Thai, boxing and surfing. Tamara also likes to travel. As a model, she has already traveled five continents including: China, Hong Kong, Greece and Thailand.

Hobbies, leisure activities and other interests: For six years, Tamara underwent training in classical ballet and jazz dance. She likes flamenco dance, music, reading, going to theatres and movies. Tamara also enjoys reading and listening to Bossa Nova and Jazz.

Modeling career: Tamara was first discovered and hired by Ford Models in 2005. At the age of 19, she first traveled to Asia for her modeling assignment. Upon returning to Brazil, she received an invitation to participate in Miss World Brazil beauty pageant. She represented the city of Ouro Peto. Two days after the competition, she went to Curitiba and became the second runner-up. Miss World 2006, Unnur Birna, suggested that she should try again. So, she again participated in Miss World Barzil Beauty contest and became the 3rd runner-up. On her third attempt, she won Miss World Brazil crown on July 26, 2008.

‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project: Tamara is very proud of her ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project. She has been working as a spokesperson for an NGO named Amigos da Terra, which means ‘Friends of the Earth.’ The NGO is working for the protection of the Brazilian rainforest and the human rights of the people living in the forest. The NGO is also promoting the sustainable use of products found in the Amazon. If Tamara wins Miss World, she will show the people of the world that there are people in Brazil who work very hard to protect the forest of Brazil. Aside from participating in numerous promotional activities, Tamara inaugurated the ‘Forestry Week’ in Minas Gerais by planting trees and exchanging ideas with other people who are involved in saving the environment. Tamara went to Acre, a state in the Amazon region, to make a documentary about the legacy of Chico Mendes, who dedicated his life to defend the rain forest and the people living in the forest. Chico Mendes was assassinated twenty years ago. The documentary was shown to all the schools in Brazil.

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