Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Miss Chile Miss Nataly Nadeska Chilet Bustamante has been preparing for Miss World 2008 for a long time.

One look at her and you can not remove your eyes from her beautiful body. Yes, Miss Chile 2008 Miss Nataly Nadeska Chilet Bustamante has come here to rule. No wonder, she has been on the top favorite contestant list of Miss World 2008.

Nataly has been preparing herself for this competition for a long time. She has worked very hard with determination. Her perseverance prepares her to face any kind of challenge. From her family, Nataly inherited qualities like tolerance, respect and compassion and these values have helped her to understand people better. Nataly is sure that these values would also help her to take the right decision after she wins Miss World 2008. She is very happy for what god has given her and she wants to give something back to life. She knows that changing the world is a tough task but she will fight with all her strength. In the end, Nataly lives it up to the judges to decide.

Miss Chile 2008

Name: Miss Nataly Nadeska Chilet Bustamante

Age: 23

Height: 173 centimeters.

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Languages: Miss Nataly Nadeska can speak Spanish and English.

Hometown and family: Nataly was born and grew up in Santiago, the capital of Chile. She is very close to her family and lives with her parents, grandmother, and brother.

Modeling and TV appearances: Nataly has worked on TV for quite some time. She hosted a show on Chile’s natural treasures.

Education: Nataly is a veterinary medicine student.

Favorite food: Salmon.

Favorite sports and other outdoor activities: Nataly loves volleyball, canoeing, rafting, parachuting, and traveling. She is a extreme sports fan.

Motto: "Make your life a dream and your dreams... reality".

Interesting experience: Once, Nataly became the member of a charity group that was supposed to find families for homeless animals. The group was able to find 100 dogs and managed to find homes for all of them. It was a very emotional experience for Nataly. Since then, she organized a new event after every three months.

Hobbies, leisure activities and other interests: Nataly loves acting, listening and dancing to Latin music and reading poetry. Her favorite book is, "20 Love Poems and One Desperate Song" by Pablo Neruda. Merengue and Salsa are her favorite dances. Nataly enjoys playing with pets and stay in touch nature.

Fashion and beauty secret: Right kind of fashion accessories and attention to details are very much important to Nataly. These two can entirely change the way one looks. Nataly also likes to mix traditional style with modern. Within few hours, from a very traditional woman, she can turn into ultra-modern and she enjoys it very much. Nataly loves her hair very much and she makes sure that her hair looks shiny all the time. She rinses her hair with sparkling mineral water.

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