Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Miss Miss Tinnyse Jamel Johnson: Another hot favorite of Miss World 2008

The Bahamas is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. The beautiful beaches, golden sand, and friendly people make the Bahamas one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Miss Bahams 2008, Tinnyse Jamel Johnson, loves her country very much. She grew up in a close-knit family of seven members. She says:

"I love the island way of life – fishing, crabbing, conching, and especially making tamarind sauce,"

Tinnyse Jamel Johnson is optimistic, liberal and ready to accept change. She is a free spirited and compassionate Bahamian woman who likes to meet all kinds of people. She uses whatever she can get to make a difference in the world. Tinnyse believes that people should not be pessimistic looking at the problems and sufferings around the world. Everyday, if all the people decide just to resolve one thing, it would make a great change. Each human being is special and born with a purpose. Tinnyse is a people’s person, She is very real and genuine. There are so many beautiful women in the pageant and Tinnyse believes that it is her inner beauty that will make a difference. Tinnyse is ready to accept every challenge of this competition.

Name: Miss Tinnyse Jamel Johnson

Age: 21

Height: 176 centimeters

Languages: Tinnyse is a fluent speaker in English. She is also learning Spanish.

Home town: Nassau

Education: Tinnyse is currently pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in the college of the Bahamas. She also has an Associate Degree.

Future plan: Tinnyse plans to own an international business conglomerate that will produce various motivational products and services.

Favorite sports and outdoor activities: Tinnyse loves swimming, running, Kayaking, and Pilates.

Hobbies and leisure activities: Tinnyse loves reading, listening to music, singing, and interpretative dance. Tinnyse also enjoys writing inspirational messages, and watching good movies alone. Whenever she gets time, she enjoys the beautiful beaches of her country.

Favorite food: Tinnyse is a gourmet cook specialized in making pastries. Her favorite food is the local Tamarind Sauce. In her spare times, she gets into the kitchen and prepares delicious dishes.

Favorite three songs in her i-Pod will be::

- Lee Anne Womack's I hope you dance

- Mariah Carey's My all

- Shania Twain's I feel like a woman.

Personal motto: "Time doesn't linger nor does it yield for anyone. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed and yesterday is gone, so all we have is today. We should use it wisely and live each day as if it was our last".

‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project: Tinnyse is very much passionate about helping others especially, young women at risk. Her project involves empowering women. She raised money for the college education of young women. Tinnyse contacted with business women from all over the Bahamas and requested them to adopt a little sister’ for a day and spend the day mentoring her. This will help the young women to increase their self-esteem. At the end of the day, a fashion/concert was organized called ‘Girls’ Night Out.’ Each of the business women was asked to make a donation for a scholarship at the College of the Bahamas. A panel of judges then chose the winner who gets a fully paid four year scholarship.

Working experience: Tinnyse worked as a Jewelry representative, real estate agent. The work gave her an opportunity to meet interesting people.

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