Wednesday, July 9, 2008

SBG Global publishes its favorite Miss Universe 2008 list

Miss Universe has the highest payouts in the online betting industry. Online betting website, SBG Global, published its list of favorite bets: Miss Puerto 2008 Rico Ingrid Rivera, Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza, Miss Panama Carolina Dementiev, Miss USA Crystle Stewart, and Miss Colombia Taliana Vargas and Miss Spain Claudia Moro and Miss Dominican Republic Marianne Cruz. The odds are Dayana Mendoza (+625), Ingrid Rivera (+750), Carolina Dementiev (+900), Crystle Stewart (+900), and Taliana Vargas (+1000), Claudia Moro (+3300) and Marianne Cruz (+1700). SBG Global is offering a 30% sign up bonus which is an enticing offer. However, the favorites do not win all the times. Last year’s Miss Universe was a major upset as underdog Riyo Mori took the title. The betters on Riyo Mori received $2,200 for every $100. This year the betters at SBG are expecting an upset as well. Claudia Moro and Marianne Cruz are favorite under dogs.

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