Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ocean's Eleven: who is the real hero?

Ocean's Eleven is a very successful movie of 2001. It is mainly an action movie and it earned a lot of money in the box office. Ocean’s eleven is full of some big Hollywood celebrities. We know that Julia Roberts is the heroin of the movie and her role is not that much prominent. For most of the time, either she is absent or she is passive. On the other hand, there are three male actors who can be considered as to be the hero. They are: George Clooney, Andy Garcia, and Brad Pitt. George Clooney is Ocean is Danny Ocean in the movie and from the title of the movie, he should be the hero of the movie Ocean’s eleven. Well I do not think that it is so simple solution. Andy Garcia plays the role of Terry Benedict and he is supposed to be the villain. However, he is a different kind of villain. He is not like other bad guys who just come and kill other people. In fact, in this movie, we do not see Andy Garcia or Terry Benedict killing any man even shooting anyone. His acting is very brilliant in the movie and I think that Andy Garcia gave one of his best performances in this movie. He is an influential character in the film and he acted very well. You can not just simply ignore Brad Pitt because he is also present for most of the part and he is not just a sidekick in the movie. He has his own individualism and he has performed well too.

I think that the issue of hero in Ocean’s Eleven is complicated just like Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice.’ In Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice,’ there is no hero or even a central character. The drama starts with the problem of Antonio who is sad. Later we see that Shylock is very powerful and then there is Portia. So who do you think is the hero of Ocean’s Eleven?

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