Friday, July 11, 2008

Die Hard: Hero vs anti Hero

Welcome to the party Pal! Bruce Willis’ Die Hard is definitely a rocking party. The fight between a group of highly trained terrorists and a off-duty police officer. In real life, it would be impossible for one police officer to fight with so many terrorists single handedly but our BRUCE ALMIGHTY aka officer John Mc Clane did it with style and rocked the box office in 1988. Die Hard is one of those action movies you will never feel bored to see again and again. John McClane, a New York police officer goes to Los Angeles for to attend Christmas with his family. As he goes to see his wife Holly at her Nakatomi Plaza office, a group of terrorists comes in and hold them Hostage. It is one of those few movies where both the hero and the anti-hero were very much important and both have very strong personality. The leader of the terrorist group, Hans Gruber is a ruthless killer and Alan Rickman truly did justice to the character. On the contrary, Bruce Willis gave a thumbs up performance. The commercial success of Die Hard propelled both Bruce and Alan’s career.

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