Friday, July 11, 2008

Miss Universe 2008: Alizee Poulicek from Belgium

Alizee Poulicek is perhaps an unlucky contestant in Miss Universe 2008. It is naturally expected that each contestant in Miss Universe 2008 will have the support of all the people of their country. Perhaps, the only exception is Alizee Poulicek of Belgium. She is very beautiful and a loving girl too. She is just a victim of politics in her country. Alizee Poulicek is the daughter of a Czech father and Belgium mother. She can speak French and Czech languages and she is not bad in English language either. Many people in Belgium are speakers of Dutch language and some of the Dutch speakers became outraged when Alizee Poulicek won the title of Miss Belgium 2008 and Alizee Poulicek was not able to speak in Dutch.

Enough of controversy. Alizee Poulicek was born in June 26, 1987. Her height is 1.75 meter and blonde hair and brown eyes. She wants to make a career in TV industry or in film. Or in other words, she wants to be in the media.

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