Friday, July 11, 2008

Marie-Sten Knudsen is Denmark Representative in Miss Universe 2008

Marie-Sten Knudsen is just 18 years old. She looks very young and refreshing. Her refreshing looks is her main strong point. She loves dancing and singing. She is only 18- so, she must love to chat with her friends. She wants to make her mark in performance art. Marie-Sten Knudsen has a business like mental attitude. In Miss Universe 2008, she wants the judges to take a look at her personality. She thinks that she has all the things needed to shine in a grand occasion like Miss Universe.

Denmark is a beautiful country in Europe. The height of Marie-Sten Knudsen is 5'11". Well, a big problem is that you cannot find any information about Marie-Sten Knudsen. Even in Google news you cannot find anything. I could not find even an WIkipedia entry on her. She is from Copenhagen. I would strongly advice Marie-Sten Knudsen to open a website or blog. It does not cost any money.

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fsjkl said...

the reson you can't find any nformation is propably that her name is really maria sten-knudsen. I went to school with her, so I know.