Sunday, July 6, 2008

Miss Universe official website review

Miss Universe Official Website:


  • Press Info: You will get all kinds of information about Miss Universe 2008.
    • Press releases: This page contains news about Miss Universe 2008 and Miss Universe 2007.
    • Articles: You will find 20 articles in PDF format collected from various magazines.
    • Press Site: This is a mini site containing corporate information about Miss Universe.
    • You can see photos of Miss Universe 2008. However, to use the site you have to be a registered member.

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Unknown said...

Miss Universe is the most important beauty contest in the world, but it's being manipulated by the judges.

Just look at last year's winner: Riyo Mori, from Japan. Natália Guimarães were a lot beautifuler then her, but just reached second place.

In this video list you can check the top 10 Misses Universe 2007.