Monday, July 7, 2008

Miss Universe 2008: The new crown

Can you think about a beauty pageant without a crown? definitely not. So, here I bring you the news of the new crown of Miss Universe 2008. The former phoenix-rising crown, designed by famous Japanese jewelry maker, MikiMoto, has been used since 2002.

Price: This year, the winner of Miss Universe 2008 will wear a crown worth $120,000.

Designers and designing company: The crown is designed by two jewelers: Dang Thi Kim Lien and Rosalina Tran Lydster. Dang Thi Kim Lien works in CAO Fine Jewelry, a branch of Vietnam’s renowned jewelry producer Phu Nhuan Jewelry. Rosalina Tran Lydster is the founder of Jewelery by Rosalina.

Materials: Miss Universe 2008 crown contains 18k white and yellow gold. It contains more 1000 precious stones. These includes: 555 white diamonds, 375 cognac diamonds (14 carats), 10 smoky quartz crystals (20 carats). Nineteen morganite gemstones (60 carats) were used for embellishment purpose.


  • The bright gold color symbolizes Vietnam’s rapid economic development.
  • The hues of white, light pink and images of the traditional Vietnamese birds, the Lac, represents Vietnam’s spirit and culture.
  • Every piece of the crown’s design signifies one of the vital characteristics of Miss Universe beauty pageant. For example, the curve of inland precious stones symbolizes robust development and potential of each participating nation.
  • The heart symbolizes unity in breath, rhythm, vision. These are the powerful internal forces of faith, hope and unity.

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eaststar said...

That's one ugly crown! It looks tacky and cheap, something more befitting a Prom Queen than Miss Universe. Donald Trump is selling Miss Universe tradition to every sponsor who can pay.