Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Midnight Meat Train will have limited theatrical release.

I am not a big horror movie fan but if you are a horror movie fan and eagerly waiting for Midnight Meat Train, then there is a disappointing news for you. Lions Gate Films, the distributor of Midnight Meat Train, is planning a limited release. According to news reports, the studio is planning to release the movie in 100 theatres. Lions Gate is going for DVD release of the movie. The news has already provoked fans of Clive Barker all over the USA. Even Clive Barker himself was dissatisfied with this decision. In his personal website, Clive Barker Revelations, he proposed that he would passionately encourage everybody who cared about his work should use this opportunity to change the minds of the folks at Lions Gate.

Already, Clive Barker’s fans are gathering around and expressing their dissatisfaction over Lions Gate’s decision.

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