Friday, July 11, 2008

Laura Tanguy of France in Miss Universe 2008

Laura Tanguy comes from a country which is famous for its admiration of beauty. Well, she is lucky to be in Miss Universe 2008 because Valérie Bègue won the crown of Miss French 2007 and was supposed to represent France in Miss Universe 2008. However, private pictures of Valérie Bègue came in a tabloid and the organizers of Miss France gave this chance of representing France in Miss Universe to Laura Tanguy.

Laura Tanguy was born in August 2, 1987 and she will be 21 years old next month. She is studying on Nursing and she wants to be a skilled and professional nurse. She lived in USA when she was a child. So, she is fluent in English. This will surely be an added bonus for Laura in the competition. Her height is 1.79 meter and her Measurements: 89 / 60 / 92. She has a pair of beautiful eyes. She thinks that she is Simple, sociable, curious. Well, I hope that this helps her in Miss Universe 2008. She will have to focus on her eyes as she has very beautiful eyes. She wants to talk reflect the good sides of France in the competition. What do you think of Laura Tanguy?

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