Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hiroko Mima from Japan in Miss Universe 2008

Name: Miss Hiroko Mima
Age: 21 years old
Size: 173cm
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Born in 1986 Tokushima Prefecture, Hiroko Mima won Miss Universe Japan on April 3, 2008. Over 4000 girls appeared for the pageant. A student of Nihon University, Hiroko is a physical education major. To compete in Miss Universe 2008, Hiroko was trained by Ines Ligron who also trained Miss Korea Sun Lee.

Hiroko Mima is a sports fanatic. She loves basketball and she has been playing it since her childhood. Currently, she is a competitive high jumper in her college team. During her school years, she also participated in national sporting events. Hiroko wants to use the beauty pageant as a platform to start a career in media. She wants to become a sports reporter. During her childhood, Hiroko suffered from a serious nerve disease. For this reason, she has great sympathy for children suffering from diseases. She wants to use her title to raise awareness among people and collect money for children’s hospital. An animal lover, Hiroko enjoys hanging around with her friends and family and watching DVDs.

Betting odds:
Gambling news website, Online Wire, reported that Miss Japan Hiroko Mima came up with high betting odds as Japanese people placed bets on her. Japanese bettors are now betting high on Hiroko. Riyo Mori’s winning Miss Universe 2007 has made the Japanese more ambitious.

SBG Global is one of the few offshore betting sites that offer a full Japanese release of its website. Hiroko Mima’s odds currently stands at $8000. Last year, those of bet on Riyo Mori were paid $2200 for every $100.

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