Friday, July 11, 2008

Elisa Nájera from Mexico in Miss Universe 2008

Miss Mexico, twenty one year old Elisa Nájera is one of the top favorite contenders in Miss Universe 2008. On October 5, 2007, she won "Nuestra Belleza México", the equivalent of Miss Mexico. In one of her Miss Universe interview she said that she was ready to learn and work hard and never afraid of change. She truly believes that success comes to those who dare.

Elisa Nájera’s Miss Universe 2008 accomplishments:
Elisa won the ‘Best in Swimwear’ competition held on July 2 at the amphitheatre of the Vinpearl Resort, Vinpearl Land, Hon Tre Island. She won the title, Queen of Vine Pearl and a cash prize of $2000 and a crystal trophie. Elisa Nájera was also the winner of the ‘best body nomination.’ Elisa Nájera was also in the top ten position in the National costume competition.

Betting odds:
However, bettors of the Bookmaker website slashed the odds on Miss Mexico to +800 ($800 for every $100). Earlier, in Bookmaker, her odds remained (+1200), making her Miss USA, Crystle Stewart is still holding the second favorite place among bookies with (+900) odds. OGpaper says:
Rather we have found out what the bookies could have initially missed when they created the odds on Miss Universe - Miss Mexico Elisa Nájera has already beaten Miss USA Crystle Stewart before. At the beginning of this month Elisa Najera won the Queen Of Vinpearl - Best in Swimsuit title, while one of the top five finalists was none other but Miss USA Crystle Stewart (first runner-up). Miss Columbia, who holds odds +1000 to win Miss Universe 2008 was also in the top 5.
You tube Video:
Here are three You Tube video clips of Miss Mexico, Elisa Nájera, the first one is a photo collection of Elisa since her winning Miss Mexico (Nuestra Belleza México). The length of the clip is 2 minutes 20 seconds.

In this second video clip you will see Elisa in Miss Mexico contest. She looks stunning in the swimwear. The length of the clip is 25 seconds

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