Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beijing Olympics attracted the highest number of viewers in the history of US television

Sports is one of the major sources of entertainment of people from a long time and Olympics is one of the biggest sporting events of the world. The Beijing Olympic 2008 has brought the usual excitement of sports with it but this time it was a bit different because the 2008 Olympics had been enjoyed by 214 million people in USA making it the most viewed sporting event in the history of US television. According to a report published by Nielsen Media Research, the 17 day Olympic event has made a new record. It crossed Athens Olympics by 11 million.

Among the most watched sporting events, there was swimming where US swimmer Michael Phelps took eight gold medals breaking Mark Spitz’s record. The gymnastics and basket ball were also the most viewed games. Beijing Olympics basketball events surpassed 1996 Atlanta Olympics by 5 million. Dick Ebersol, Chairman, NBC Universal Sports & Olympics said:

"This audience record is something I thought I'd never see again, but what really satisfied me is the way in which these Olympics truly captivated and seemed to inspire our country,"

For him the greatest measure of success is emails he receive from the parents young kids who have fallen in love with Olympics.

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